The Handmaid’s Tale is only fiction, right?

I made a rule for myself: I would not include anything that human beings had not already done in some other place or time, or for which the technology did not already exist.” —Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood calls her novel, ‘speculative fiction’ to distinguish it from science fiction or the dystopian genre.  Her novel is an act of imagination founded in historical fact.  To understand what the political, cultural and historical events and issues Atwood drew on for inspiration, go to the MHS libguide.

So Triple J’s Hack found Ms Sheko’s libguide and got in touch to talk about the issues in the text and the Hulu series now showing on SBS.  What potential is there for Atwood’s Gilead to become a reality? Listen as MHS Year 11 student Hrishikesh Thatiot gives his views on air on Triple J.


(Photo source)

An article from Hack about The Handmaid’s Tale: Could The Handmaid’s Tale happen today? For some women, it’s already reality.


Madonna performs at the Women’s March in Washington.


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